Indonesian-based PT Kopak Packaging Innovation is an international company that provides dedicated, full-service packaging, focused on sachets (stickpacks, small tubular bags and 3-/4-side sealed bags). 

KOPAK uses Indonesian-produced German-licensed as well as Japanese-imported packaging machines that are trusted for their reliability, flexibility and long life. This ensures that the company consistently provides high-quality and standardized solutions with economies of scale.

KOPAK partners with PT Nastec Germerzindo, leader in packaging machine manufacturing. In addition, KOPAK provides complementary products and services related to sachet packaging.


World class expertise

Professionalism in all activities

Relentless drive for the highest quality

Continuous innovation

Sustainability across the value chain

 Service Profile
Specialization in stick packs (small tubular bags) and 3-/4-side sealed bags. Other sachet types can be considered. Consultation services on demand.
Products can range from a variety of liquids to powders: liquid, beauty products such as shampoo, body lotion, foods such as condensed milk, sauces, powders such as 3-in-1-coffee, or chocolate powder.
Capacity at up to 80 strokes per minute per line, on up to 5 lines in parallel, with nine packaging machines in operation.
Competitively priced, from Rp60,000 ($4) per thousand sachets, with volume discounts based on commitment.
Why serviced packaging


 Why serviced packaging
Buying a packaging machine, or typically several machines, requires a large upfront capital investment
Keeping a machine in-house means you need highly trained and skilled in-house engineers that can monitor and service the packaging machines.
Working with an experienced and professional serviced packager (contract packaging or co-packing) takes away financial limitations and ensures a consistently high-quality delivery of packaging solutions. KOPAK will be happy to assist you with your packaging needs.
KOPAK operates only best-in-class packaging machines:
We are the only one in Indonesia operating packaging machines that are German-certified — partnered with PT Nastec Germerzindo, the only Asian packaging machine manufacturer under-licensed by the leading German company MERZ Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH, having been in operation for over 25 years.
In addition, we operate Japanese-imported machines, known for their high standard and reliability.
KOPAK provides one of the industry’s most competitive offers, combining affordability with unparalleled quality. Our base in Indonesia, with staff present in Thailand, Germany and Japan, allows us to be close to our customers across Asia while ensuring production/source compliance and maintenance of quality.
KOPAK consists of an international executive team combining decades-long experience across manufacturing, engineering, business, design and technology. The company places utmost importance on attracting, retaining and supporting this expertise, leading to professionalism, quality and innovation in both daily operations and long-term corporate strategy.  

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